Ryan Frye

Ryan Frye is the Computer Forensics Lab Manager at UnitedLex. In this role, Ryan supervises work performed by the UnitedLex computer forensic analyst team and is responsible for overseeing day-to-day lab management. Ryan has collected data throughout the United States, Canada, the U.K., the Republic of Korea, China, Japan, Russia, Denmark and Norway. In addition to his work performing and supervising forensic data collections, Ryan also develops custom software to help UnitedLex meet clients' needs. Ryan leveraged his extensive data collection and programming experience to develop UnitedLex's proprietary UnitedLex Collection Utility (UCU), which is utilized in all of UnitedLex's remote collections. The UCU provides unparalleled visibility into the data and is designed to support collections from both Windows and Mac operating systems. The versatility and widespread use of the UCU is a testament to Ryan's abilities to fully understand and deliver what our clients require in data collections. Ryan has ten years of information technology experience including eight years of programing experience.   Additionally, Ryan routinely trains litigation support personnel on data forensic tools and techniques, write blocking at the worksite, and industry best practices for forensic data collection and analysis.